Minimal is a meditation-inspired writing app.

My name is Arthur Van Siclen. I crafted Minimal out of personal need. I wasn't satisfied with the complicated, overly featured, and cluttered notes apps out there – so I sat down with a Negroni and designed the notes app I wanted.

Minimal's flagship feature is the Note Lifetime. By letting notes die, our notebooks become fresh, organized, and reflective of the present moment. We're more likely to act on the ideas we care about while letting go of the stuff that's not so important.

Minimal's Blog

This blog showcases the discoveries made while crafting Minimal, Shape, and Timeless. Topics include design, engineering, and philosophy.

Get the App

Minimal is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Follow this link to learn more about Minimal | Writing + Notes.

You can also download Minimal from the App Store.